I'm Scott Southwell. Photographer in & around San Antonio.


Every day I get to do the things I really enjoy... Photography, flying and Real Estate. Being a lifelong photographer and growing up with a black and white darkroom, I put my photography experience to work taking photos of beautiful properties. I then fly a Drone up in the sky for aerial photos. I use my REALTOR experience to take photos from a REALTOR's perspective. And then I get to do it again the next day. What could be better than this?

Fact 1

I'm a native Texan. I was born and raised in the Alamo City -

San Antonio.

Fact 2

I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin.

Fact 3

I'm not only a licensed Drone Pilot, I'm also an FAA licensed, Instrument-rated Pilot for single engine aircraft.

Fact 4

I'm old school. I started photography with a Black & White Darkroom.